F.R.DAVID “Flurry”

February 28, 2018
F.R.DAVID is a typographical journal, dealing with the organisation of reading and writing in contemporary art practises. “Flurry” is the 15th issue (a best-of, of sorts) edited by Will Holder. “I realized very slowly over a period of time that the activity of framing a performance and the intentions that accumulate around that activity produce a certain anxious kind of mode, and I became bothered by the flurry of activity and how it tends to mask so many things.” Pauline Oliveros in conversation with Robert Ashley (1976) “Flurry” came about after being asked to propose ten books for acquisition by the Rietveld Academy library (Amsterdam) and give a talk about that selection. Preferring to reproduce original material over com­mentary (or commentary as materiality), and allowing others to speak, Will prepared a reading back and forth between the ten books. It soon became clear that this reading could provide a backbone for an issue of F.R.DAVID. Associated material came up in the process of transcription; including a lengthy afterword by Danny Hayward, commenting on Verity Spott. 120 x 192mm, 208pp b/w, with postcard and bookmark in 3 colours. EU 10 (excluding postage) Buy now (through rile*) F.R.DAVID is co-published with KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. Will Holder’s work is supported by a Paul Hamlyn Foundation award. a

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