May 23, 2018

Two transcripts of films by Moyra Davey and Hervé Guibert.

Both Wedding Loop [2017] and Modesty, and Immodesty [1991] frame the daily practice of being and becoming undone by others. Moyra watches and waits and corals people in the light; removes liquor bottles; takes pills; holds a man’s body on the subway; holds a child; mourns Hannah; takes portraits of loved ones. Guibert visits his doctors and nurses; gets a massage; talks to his beloved great-aunts, Suzanne and Louise; waits for T. and C. to return from the market; is brought into the ocean by a lover.

A document of their lives, death underscores these works. Guibert faces his own demise. Davey grieves Hannah, and bears witness to the suffering of others. Offering a way of saying goodbye, the works are an act of self-salvation, an ode to the risks taken to express uncertainty.

Doubt is what allows a gesture to have heart.

The closing words of an accompanying text by curator Janique Préjet Vigier, on the occasion of her exhibition, L’IMPUDEUR: Hervé Guibert, Moyra Davey, at CCS Bard Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, NY. April 8 to May 27, 2018.



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